The Maddog and Dave Radio Program Podcast 15, Part 1

October 14, 2010

This week Maddog and Dave are joined by singer songwriters from Adroit Records out of Nashville, Tennessee!  Vince Melamed ("Walkaway Joe"), Craig Monday, and Cheley Tackett perform wonderful songs for us while thier record producer, former employer of Maddog himself, Mr. Jim Tract, spreads the good word and lays a rare, never before heard John Lennon recording  of "Only You (And You Alone)" on the boys, thus giving the show its first WORLD EXCLUSIVE!  The video to this audio can be seen at youtube...MaddogTVShow!  It's S01E04.  Thanks for subscribing, listening and getting it on with Copenhagen's #1 show in English, straight outta Christiania, Maddog and Dave with Sammy Soul, Chaka Whaka Boogie Jackson, Blue Eyed Louis and JD!

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The Maddog and Dave Radio Program Podcast 15, Part 5

October 14, 2010

Contains a never before heard Lennon track!